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Director Kojima Death Strand 2 leaked!

Rumors: Hideo Kojima's new film is Death Stranding 2, codenamed Ocean

famed leaker DuskGolem posted information on overseas forums about Hideo Kojima's latest film. According to him, the long-rumored Death Stranding 2 is currently under development.

According to

DuskGolem, Death Stranding 2 (DS2) is under development, codenamed Ocean

and director Hideo Kojima has a long-standing contract with Sony. Sony and Cosima Productions are currently considering whether to renew their contract after the DS2
* The DS2 itself has always been planned in collaboration with Sony, and rumors that the game is being developed with someone other than Sony are.
The Xbox contract was never DS2. This rumor is completely false
* Sony and Cosima Productions have contracts for multiple games that expire after DS2, and it is

currently under consideration by both parties whether to continue this relationship or terminate it after DS2. Read the full story below.

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Norman Reedus also said that there is a DS2, so I guess I'm

serious about

Rumor has it that you're making a horror game???

I want Director Kojima to create more and more new IPs.

Deathst was a lot of fun, but if you ask me if I want a sequel,

I'm honestly happy Heh... did you
make Death St 2? I wonder if
it was the two films of Xbox and Preste at the same time Kojima-san, you may have understood

why I retweeted a tweet about Deathst on Twitter and liked it. It's a battle to see who wins, Death Strike or the Xbox new game!

Death strike has a feeling that the bottom is visible, so you can expect more from the new Xbox game!


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